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This collection of material was presented to the ILS by Vic Bradley in April 2012. Some additional items were added in 2015. It consists largely of photocopies of material gathered by Vic from various sources over the years. Vic retained most of the material gathered during his own research in North Wales and this is now in the Industrial Railway Society’s archive.

Loco Works lists (A4 card covers)


AB list, nos 1 to 1398 and rebuilds (Origin R T Russell)


AB List, nos 1399 – 2376 plus diesel/electric (Origin R T Russell)


Copy of original AB office list (includes spec numbers from 1890s), ends 2241, plus diesels 311 – 376. (Origin R T Russell)


AB Paintshop book, nos 776-1000.1004, plus repairs c1899-c1905
(copy of original AB document in R T Russell collection)


AB workshop list, Nos 765, 772-1005 (copy of original AB document in R T Russell collection)


BP list – origin R A Wheeler


Dubs list – origin R A Wheeler


Tulk & Ley/FJ/LE list (includes copy of M Cook list and Cole list)


HC list (incomplete)

VJB 10

HE list nos 1-1206 (origin R T Russell)

VJB 11

HE list nos 1207 – 3874 (origin R T Russell)

VJB 12

Copy of original HE Paint Book (nos 480-981)

VJB 13

HL list (origin R A Wheeler)


RWH/HL list nos 1 - 2608 (origin R T Russell)

VJB 14

HL List nos 2609 – 3953 (origin R T Russell)

VJB 15

K lists – Trams (origin R A Wheeler, locos R T Russell and M Cook)

VJB 16

K list (origin R A Wheeler)

VJB 17

KS list nos 51-1198 (origin R T Russell)

VJB 18

KS list nos 1199- 4483 (origin R T Russell)

VJB 19

KS spares orders from 1927 incl supplied by Bagnall (Origin R T Russell) and KS list (origin IRS)

VJB 20

KS spares orders – detailed record compiled by VJB from various sources (1927 on)

VJB 21

MW list nos 1-999 and Kitson spares 1927-31 (origin R T Russell)

VJB 22

MW list nos1000- 2049 (origin R T Russell)

VJB 23

MW spares list from 1881 (selected entries) plus Kitson period (origin F D Smith)

VJB 24

N and NR list (origin R A Wheeler

VJB 25

FW and P list to 999. (Origin R T Russell) incl notes from M Cook and list of repairs.

VJB 26

FW drawing office register (copy of original held by R T Russell)

VJB 27

P list 1000- 2165 (origin R T Russell)

VJB 28

FW/P lists (origin IRS)

VJB 29

FW loco specifications (copies)

VJB 30

RS list (origin R A Wheeler

VJB 31

RSH lists (origins R A Wheeler and R T Russell)

VJB 32

Sentinel list (origin R T Russell)

VJB 33

SS/Clyde list (industrials only – R T Russell, list R A Wheeler)

VJB 34

VF list 1 – 4000 (Origin R A Wheeler)

VJB 35

VF list 4001 – 6280 (origin R T Russell)

VJB 36

WB – notes from A C Baker/A Civil (not list)

VJB 37

YE list (Origin R T Russell)

VJB 38

Lister works list

VJB 39

BEV/WR works list

VJB 40

AE list 1340-2078 (Origin R T Russell) and copy of J B Latham list

VJB 41

AE list (Part 2) 1349-2078 (3 copies) – compiled VJB

VJB 42

AE spares list (2 copies) (origin – R T Russell)

VJB 43

AE Army Orders, Boiler Tests, Correspondence

VJB 44

AE spares indexes – compiled by VJB

VJB 45

AE and others – photo lists and loco list with notes by J Scholes and miscellaneous AE papers.

A3 size lists (photocopies)

VJB 50

RH list (copy of official document, in type not number order)

VJB 51

AE list (copies of lists held at NRM, York)

VJB 52

RWH/HL list and boiler book (mss copy of books at NRM York made by M Cook) (This is the version formerly at RSH later Vulcan)

VJB 53

AE lists incl some spares (2 versions, origins K P Plant and IRS)

VJB 54

MW (copy of drawing office register) and another copy of engine book for nos 1 -364 incl)

VJB 55

HC list (origin IRS plus notes from M Cook) plus photocopies of some original material

VJB 56

HC Copies of original secondhand loco register and hire loco register

VJB 57

HE (copy of original drawing office loco list) nos 1-1257

Various A4 files with card covers

VJB 60

Loco names list (copy of list compiled by R T Russell)

VJB 61

Copies of auction sale catalogues 1930s (Crown Colls, Carms; Royd Moor Resr; Surrey CC, Hogs Back etc; Fylde Water, Long Preston; Walter Scott, Leeds; Western Trinidad, Cardiff)

VJB 62

Copies of letters re locos for sale, in stock etc 1930s (ex G Alliez/B Stoyel)

VJB 63

German locos in UK (ex J Morley)

VJB 64

Extracts from MSLR minutes for tenders for contracts

VJB 65

Notes re T W Chester, Contractor (mostly from F D Smith)

VJB 66

Notes re T Wrigley, Ctr, incl list of locos hired out (ex F D Smith)

VJB 67

Notes re T Bugbird, Contractor (ex F D Smith)

VJB 68

Notes re Charles Chambers, Contractor (ex F D Smith)

VJB 69

Copy of book “One Hundred Years 1834-1934” (Cohen)

VJB 70

Copy of Atkinson Walker catalogues

VJB 71

T Mitchell, Bolton (dealer) – copy of notes made by F D Smith

VJB 72

List of locos Registered by GWR (copy by R T Russell)

VJB 73

Extracts from MDHB records Vol 1

VJB 74

Extracts from MDHB records Vol 2

VJB 75

Copies of notes of locos moved by rail 1946-51 period

VJB 76

Cudworth & Johnson (copy of VJB booklet with comments added)

VJB 77

Copies of T W Ward catalogues (copies ex ILS library)

VJB 78

Notes re Hibberd locos incl some loco history sheets

VJB 79

Notes on FW photos (ex D Clayton)

VJB 80

Ruston Proctor and RH – notes by C H Codling

VJB 81

Notes on Irish Railway contractors and locations

VJB 82

Copy of notes on LTSR locos ex SLS Journal (by K H Leech)

VJB 83

Copy of article on Lees Cement Works ex The Locomotive; notes on Gretna and Army locos by H D Bowtell; list of foreign loco builders

A4 Files – copies of ILS, RCTS, NGRS and IRS material

VJB 90

Road to Rail Loco conversions (copy of ILS Portfolio)

VJB 91

Beyer Peacock industrial locos (copy of ILS Portfolio)

VJB 92

Aveling & Porter locos (copy of ILS Portfolio) and R T Russell list

VJB 93

T Green locos (copy of ILS Portfolio) and R T Russell list

VJB 94

Robert Hudson (copy of ILS Portfolio)

VJB 95

Lingford Gardiner (copy of ILS Portfolio)

VJB 96

Grant, Ritchie (copy of ILS Portfolio)

VJB 97

Smith of Coven (copy of ILS Portfolio) incl paper by D H Tew

VJB 98

Industrial locos of Carmarthenshire Part 1 (copy of ILS Portfolio)

VJB 99

American Locos in UK (copy of ILS Portfolio)

VJB 100

Round Oak Works (copy of ILS Portfolio)

VJB 101

Beckton Gas Works (copy of ILS Portfolio)

VJB 102

Nasmyth Wilson locos (copy of ILS Portfolio)

VJB 103

GNR – locos to/from industry and contracts. (copy of ILS Portfolio)

VJB 104

A R Adams (copy of ILS Portfolio)

VJB 105

Charles Brand, Contractor and Murray & Paterson (copy of ILS Portfolio)

VJB 105A

Locomotive Manufacturers Records (copy of ILS portfolio)

VJB 105B

VB locos (copy of ILS portfolio)

VJB 105C

Walker Bros (copy of ILS portfolio)

VJB 106

Copies of ILS Journals Vols XIX-XXII 1965-68

VJB 107

Copies of ILS Journals Vols XXIII –XXVI 1969-72

VJB 108

Copies of ILS Journals Vols XXVII – XXXIV 1973- 1975

VJB 109

Copies of ILS Lists – Norfolk/Suffolk

VJB 110

Copies of ILS Lists – Somerset, Dorset, Wilts, Berks

VJB 111

Copies of ILS Lists – Oxon, Hants, IOW, CI

VJB 112

Copies of ILS Lists - Devon, Cornwall

VJB 113

Copies of ILS Lists – Avon, Gloucester

VJB 114

Copies of ILS Lists – London

VJB 115

Copies of ILS Lists – Kent

VJB 116

Copies of ILS Lists – Middlesex, Surrey, Sussex

VJB 117

Copies of ILS Lists – Essex

VJB 118

Copies of RCTS Stockbooks – 1936,1939, 1939-42 alterations

VJB 119

Copies of RO (RCTS) 1929 -35

VJB 120

Copies of RO (RCTS) 1936-38

VJB 121

Copies of RO (RCTS) 1939-40

VJB 122

Copies of RO (RCTS) 1940-43

VJB 123

Copies of RO (RCTS) 1944-46

VJB 124

Copies of RO (RCTS) 1947-48

VJB 125

Copies of RO (RCTS) 1949-50

VJB 126

Copy of IRS booklet BR Diesels in Industry

VJB 127

Index to The Narrow Gauge/Narrow Gauge News

VJB 128

Narrow Gauge News Nos 190-209 1992-95

VJB 129

Narrow Gauge News Nos 210 -229 1995-98

VJB 130

Narrow Gauge News Nos 230-245 1999-2001

VJB 131

Narrow Gauge News Nos 246 -260 2001-04

VJB 132

Narrow Gauge News Nos 261 -275 2004-06

A4 Ring Binders

VJB 140

Hunslet – selected spares orders nos 20000-37999 9/1897-10/16

VJB 141

Hunslet – selected spares orders nos 38000-40999 11/16-7/22

VJB 142

Hunslet – selected spares orders nos 41000-42198 7/22-3/25

VJB 143

Photocopies of “Surplus” (MoM) (relevant pages only) 1919-23

VJB 144

Extracts from notebooks of J Peden 1947-88

VJB 145

Extracts from notebooks of Frank Bell 1952-76 (ex D Holroyde)

VJB 146

Extracts from notebooks of Ted Haigh 1924-58 (ex D Holroyde)

Miscellaneous Files

VJBM 1-7

not used


Copies of WKW Letters 1949 V ol 1


Copies of WKW Letters 1949 V ol 2


Copies of WKW Letters – various


Copies of WKW Letters NCB 1947-67 Lancs, N Wales


Copies of WKW Letters NCB 1947-67 Yorks


Copies of WKW Letters NCB 1947-67 E Midlands


Copies of WKW Letters NCB 1947-67 Northumberland


Copies of WKW Letters NCB 1947-67 Cumberland, Kent, Somerset


Copies of WKW Letters NCB 1947-67 Durham


Copies of WKW Letters NCB 1947-67 S Wales


Copies of WKW Letters NCB 1947-67 Scotland


Copies of WKW Letters contractors


Copies of WKW Letters – various


VJB letters 1954


VJB letters 1955


VJB letters 1956


VJB letters 1957


Unsorted magazine extracts etc ex J Mann Vol 1


Unsorted magazine extracts etc ex J Mann Vol 2


Unsorted magazine extracts etc ex J Mann Vol 3


Copy of RLS Portfolio – Road/Rail locos


ILS VB Book – papers Vol 1


ILS VB Book – papers Vol 2


B D Stoyel - photo list


Not used


Not used


Photo dealers lists


Copy of article re Hydro-Electric power in N Wales


Copy of booklet “Quarrying at Trevor” marked B/355


Misc notes on N Wales companies (seem to be ex files at TNA, Kew)


Extracts from lists re smaller loco builders


Copy of auction catalogues for C J Wills, St Helier 1936; Kingsnorth Mills 1936; Scar House Waterworks, 1937; Albion Works, Cardiff 1938; Westbury Iron 1939; West Craigs Quarry 1938; Abbey Estate NW10 1939; White Moss Coal, Wigan 1939; Wantage Tramway 1946; Brookes Halifax 1969; Bevans Works, Kent and other Blue Circle Kent,1972;


List of Gwynfor mss etc


Notes on 7ft gauge locos ex D A Brown


File of extracts from magazines etc – unsorted


Copy of article on VB locos by RAS Abbott


Copy of “Golden Age of Tramways” by Klapper


Extracts from “Mancunian” magazine


Copy of ILS Derbyshire Study Group notes


Copy of original VB2 book draft (includes PJ Ashforth photos)


File of misc notes re Hunslet spares records


File of old series ILS Journals and more recent ILS Newsletters


Open days – Brush 1989; Walkergate 1954; booklet re NER snow ploughs pub by NERA


Copies of OS 25” maps - Brymbo etc


Copies of OS 25” maps – Buckley etc


Copies of OS 25” maps – Trevor etc


File of typewritten articles re HE locos


Misc notes – Locos at C&W works; Pearson contracts; contractors locos notes ex M Cook; Non loco sites in Lancashire; a few loco lists (source unknown)

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