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  1. The Kilmarnock Standard for 17.8.1872 records the first loco was turned out the previous day; no customer given.
  2. Spares for this loco were ordered from AB in 12.1889. It is believed there were other Barclays & Co. locos at Shotts.
  3. Repaired by AB 1.1882; new boiler from AB 12.1906. Presumed to be later in Workington I&S Co Ltd stock.
  4. In hands of J.Torbock (Dlr), Middlesbrough by 6.1887; Hired by him to Woodland Collieries Ltd, Lynesack, Co. Durham where boiler exploded 8.11.1886
  5. Repaired by AB 1908. Presumed to be LUGAR No.4, later rebuilt by KE 1921; s/s after 6.1935. See also note 6.
  6. Surviving AB records Barclays & Co. 209 repaired by AB in 1884 and allocated AB 210, but this may be an error. See note 5.
  7. First known owners were a Scottish firm. From 1880 owned by J.W. Werner and successors on contracts in Denmark and then from c1913 by Saabye & Lerche, on contracts on Sweden until at least 1917. Later carried name THY FJ.3.
  8. Purchased by C&WJR c11.1882; sold 7.1898 to S.T. Croasdell (Dlr), Workington and possibly resold..
  9. Repaired by AB in 1887; in 9.1904 a loco quoted as this was repaired by AB for the Clydeside Storage Co Ltd, Glasgow.
  10. Spares supplied by AB in 3.1916; maker not actually quoted by unlikely to be AB 216.
  11. Spares supplied by AB in 9.1900 and 7. 1906.
  12. Acquired about 1905 from an unknown source. At Yoker Power Station 1928-37.
  13. Arrival of this loco was reported in the Oban Times on 1.1.1876. This loco is believed to have remained on site until the quarries closed c 1916
  14. Scrapped in 1948.
  15. Spares supplied by AB in 8.1894.
  16. Spowart owned various collieries. Known to have been owned 1.1899 to 2.1909 at least.
  17. No.1 scrapped 10.1930; 2 in 1954 and No.3 in 1949.
  18. Purchase noted in Minutes.
  19. Sold for £225 at conclusion of contract in 1907.
  20. Spares supplied by AB 11.1898. This may be the loco which later ran as No.1, carrying plates reading “William Dixon Govan Ironworks 1901’.
  21. With Pease by 3.1914. This may be the loco rebuilt by AB 7571/07 at Lackenby Ironworks where it was No.3 KILMARNOCK. It went to the Normanby Ironworks Co. Ltd. about 1930 and was s/s after 8.1951.
  22. This firm had quarries in Ayrshire and Dumfries; loco with them by 4.1898. Later to Caldwell’s Paper Mill Co Ltd, Inverkeithing by 7.1920 and presumably the loco photographed there which had a “rebuilt 1914” plate on it..
  23. Only known from a photograph.
  24. Became part of United Alkali Co Ltd in 1890. Transferred to Gaskell Deacon Works, Widnes in 1917 and scrapped there c1920.
  25. Railway here opened in 1877; loco here until 4.1903 at least.
  26. Became part of United Alkali Co Ltd in 1890; there until at least 12.1922, but later with Synthetic Ammonia & Nitrates Ltd, Billingham, Co. Durham (later part of ICI) (No. 55) by 1928.
  27. For sale in Mining Journal 5.7.1879. Passed to T. & R.W. Bower, Allerton Colliery near Kippax, where boiler exploded 12.1.1891.
  28. Spares supplied by AB 7.1884. A loco of this name was still there 6.1919.
  29. Spares supplied by AB 4.1922; maker not stated, but unlikely to be AB 245.
  30. Spares supplied by AB 7.1905; understood to have survived until 1920s.
  31. Later to the Champfleurie Oil Co Ltd, Lithlithgow and then to James Ross & Co Ltd, Philpstoun Oil Works c1910; Scr 1924.
  32. Works acquired by David Collville & Sons Ltd in 1916 and loco passed to Clyde Alloy Steel Co Ltd (a Colville subsidiary) in 1939, and then to Motherwell Machinery & Scrap Co Ltd 5.1954
  33. Spares supplied by AB 12.1921 and 9.1932; maker not stated but unlikely to be AB 252
  34. Spares supplied by AB in 11.1887; believed traded in to AB in part exchange 11.1905
  35. Transferred to Storefield Quarries, Northants about 1898. Scr c1933
  36. New boiler supplied by AB 3.1903
  37. Used on reservoir contract; a loco of this description was for sale in 8.1902.
  38. Spares supplied by AB 7.1902; presumably with an owner in Cumberland.
  39. The Kilmarnock Standard for 31.7.1880 mentions that four locos had been built for Chile “the first three having been taken prisoner by the Chileans” (a war being in progress) and a fourth was awaiting despatch. New boiler supplied 3.1906.
  40. Scrapped c1948
  41. Spares supplied by AB 5.1903; maker not stated but unlikely to be AB 265
  42. Later part of South Durham I&S Co Ltd; last known spares 5.1919
  43. Spares supplied by AB 1.1894; see also note 39
  44. to James Young & Sons Ltd, Ctrs, via AB c2.1898; evidently owned by G. Dimmack & Co (Dlrs) and hired to Young.
  45. Later taken over by Wyndham Mining Co Ltd; to Whitehaven Colliery Co Ltd, William Pit, where scrapoped by George Cohen, Sons & Co Ltd c1933
  46. Later James Calder & Co Ltd, Bo’ness Distillery by 1902; last spares noted 5.1920
  47. In the hands of Mitchell in 7.1897; by 12.1897 with George Young, Ctr, at Seaford, Sussex. By 11.1899 with Thos. W. Ward (Dlr) and resold to London County Council for use on the Northern Outfall Sewer widening works at Beckton, where it became 47 LEA. Offered for sale there in 3.1909, then to Whittaker & Co at Pool Quarry, Yorkshire. When the quarry closed in 1915 believed to have passed via Darlington dealer J.F. Wake to the Ministry of Munitions at Mousehold Heath, near Norwich and advertised for sale by the MoM in Surplus in 11.1919, lying at Leeds. See The Industrial Locomotive , No.28, Winter 1983, pp 82/3.
  48. New saddle tank supplied by AB 5.1903; maker not stated but unlikely to be AB 273.
  49. Taken over by the Fife Coal Co Ltd in 1924, their No.18; Scr 1938
  50. Spares supplied by AB 8.1906; maker not stated but unlikely to be AB 176
  51. Said to have been at the same owner’s Ardeer Ironworks about 1913, but subject to doubt

  52. Works and loco acquired by Walkinshaw Brick Co Ltd about 1931

  53. At Stenton Works, Wishaw; works acquired by Scottish I&S Co Ltd and about 1920 loco sent to Coats Works, Coatbridge, to the Clippens Limeworks, Midlothian c1947 and to J.N. Connell, Coatbridge for scrap in 1956.

  54. Later to Yorkshire Amalgamated Products Ltd, Warmsworth Cliff Quarry, Yorks by 4.1925

  55. Scr by c1914

  56. Rebuilt 1942. To Dixon’s Ironworks Ltd, Govan c1959 and Scr 9.1960

  57. Rebuilt AB 8212/42. To Rubery Owen & Co Ltd, Darlaston 1919 and Scr there c1958

  58. Became part of South Durham S&I Co Ltd 1928; if GLADYS, to J.F. Wake (Dlr) 1935

  59. Used on Kilsyth - Bonnybridge railway contract c1887/8; to Partick, Hillhead & Maryhill Gas Co, Temple Works c1890; works taken over by Glasgow Corporation Gas Dept and to Dawsholm Works by 11.1907. To J.N. Connell, Coatbridge for scrap 1942

  60. These two locos may have worked initially at South Skelton Ironstone Mine, later taken over by Bolckow, Vaughan & Co Ltd. Locos numbered 2A and 4 at Clay Line Ironworks, South Bank are stated to have been “Kilmarnock” type and may be these two.

  61. Carried Lennox, Lange plate dated 1882 and plate stating rebuilt by Jackson in 1903. Passed to the Admiralty, Devonport on completion of contract in 1907. To Wm. Gray & Co Ltd, Central Marine Engineering Works, West Hartlepool c1935 where it was WEST HARTLEPOOL No.2. To Cox & Danks Ltd, Neath 1948 probably for scrap.

  62. Used on Tynemouth North Pier repair work; new boiler supplied by AB 7.1905

  63. Spares supplied by AB 10.1891, maker noted stated but unlikely to be AB 298. Some confusion has existed with 293 - see note 59.

  64. S/s by 1937

  65. Spares supplied by AB 3.1887. Later with G. Lawson & Sons, Troon Graving Dock contract by 12.1896

  66. Overhauled by AB 1915; used on contract at Nobels Explosives Ltd, Stevenston

  67. Spares supplied by AB to 4.1927. Shipping mark HS, Lima.

  68. Referred to as “No 2 Bothal loco” in 5.1886. The Priestman family had a substantial financial interest at Ashington and it was later sent to Owners of Priestman Collieries, Lilley Drift, Co. Durham, where named ASHINGTON possibly via repairs at RS in 1900. Taken over by NCB and worked at various locations until scrapped c5.1959.

  69. Sidings later taken over by Sir W.E.M. Tomlinson, and then by LNWR; became LNWR 2587 in 1906

  70. Later to Logan & Hemingway, Ctrs, by 12.1918 and used on contract for new furnace foundations at Parkgate I&S Works, Rotherham, then at New Holland Pier, Lincs (1922-25) and after rebuilding in 1930 on the contract for LNER Northallerton - Otterington widening in 1931-32. Sold to Thos. W. Ward Ltd and c1934 to Towneley Coal & Firebrick Co Ltd at Burnley. Passed to NCB in 1947 and transferred to Bank Hall Colliery, near Burnley in 1948. Scr 5.1958

  71. At Low Stubbin Colliery, Rawmarsh in 1.1921; later to New Stubbin Colliery and Scr there c1930

  72. Scr by 1935

  73. A reference in the firm’s letter book for the period 11.1891 to 5.1900 refers to a loco known as “Barclay” which may be this one. It was sold to Wake & Carr (Dlrs), Darlington in 5.1900

  74. Spares supplied by AB in 7.1912, no location given. Firm owned a number of collieries in Lanarks and West Lothian

  75. Boiler exploded 17.12.1902

  76. Often quoted as works no 802/95, which is incorrect. Rebuilt 1949. Scr 12.1958

  77. Rebuilt by AB 1902; Taken over by NCB in 1947 and Scr c1952

  78. Dock acquired by NBR 1891; loco became NBR 611

  79. Scr 1934

  80. To North Eastern Steel Co Ltd, Acklam 1930; firm became part of Dorman Long combine

  81. To Motherwell Machinery & Scrap Co Ltd 1928

  82. Spares supplied by AB to 1.1917 and to Kilmarnock Engineering Ltd (who may have repairing it) in 5.1922

  83. Rebuilt AB 9331/12; later to Shanks & McEwan Ltd, Corby, 10. Scr 1956

  84. To Whitehaven Colliery Co, William Pit c1899. Scr c1935

  85. To Gelngarnock Works. 19, 1916, after being rebuilt to 9ft gauge by AB; Scr by 1949

  86. Scr 1925

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